Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is one of my favorite things that I make. 



Hot Yellow Pepper
Garlic Salt

I know that none of these ingredients are anything unusual, but if you add the right amounts this is one of the best guacamole's. I almost hate putting this recipe up, even though I know there is nothing too creative in it.

Usually I'm making it for large groups so I do bigger amounts. I have no idea how much of each ingredient you need so this is a complete guess. Make it by taste.
For every four Avacado's dice one large tomato, half an onion, 1 jalapeno pepper, and about 4 small spicy yellow peppers. Make sure this isn't too many peppers for you before you put them in, this might be too spicy for many of you. Then most importantly add a lot of lime. You usually need more onion and lime than you'd think. I use almost one lime per large avocado. Then add a little garlic salt. These are all guesses on amounts, and each item is different sizes. I'd play around with amounts to see what you like best.


  1. yummmmmm i love guac jelissa! make this for me. thank you.

  2. I was just (5 seconds ago) telling my neighbor I will bring yummy home guac (like my sister makes) to our halloween party on Friday night! Great minds think alike. I am jealous that you ate this tonight... YUM!!!

  3. Guacamole is one of my favorite things...yummy!

    Liesl :)