Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shrimp and Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl

I've been trying to make healthier choices in my meals. I keep getting in ruts, where I make the same things over and over again. Recently, I've been replacing all of my rice or noodles, with quinoa. Some of the mixes haven't turned out that great, but using it in my Asian dishes is wonderful! You can use almost any veggie, teriyaki or peanut sauce, and quinoa. The main thing for me is using less quinoa than I think; it tastes better when I focus on the veggies in the meal.

This particular bowl was on a night that I hadn't been to the grocery store in awhile. I simply mixed shrimp, broccoli, cabbage, egg, teriyaki sauce, and quinoa. Sometimes I make my own sauces, but I always have some on hand for quick dinners. This took me about 10 minutes to make. The longest part was cooking the quinoa. I sauteed the shrimp, broccoli, and cabbage at the same time in the teriyaki sauce, then added the egg when they were almost cooked. It was quick, easy, and delicious.

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