Saturday, April 20, 2013


I love my chili recipe. It is easy, it can last a few meals, and it is healthy. I leave my boyfriend with this as leftovers almost every time I leave his home after the week. It really is delicious. I use a little bit of hamburger meat for flavor but it could easily be a vegetarian recipe.


1 can of each of the following

Black Beans
Chili Beans
Refried Beans
Kidney Beans
(I usually use all Bush's Beans)
Stewed Tomatoes
(Tomato paste if you need to thicken your chili)
1/3-1/2 pound of Hamburger Meat
Garlic Salt
Chili Powder
1 onion
1 Red Pepper

I poor all 5 cans of chili into a large pot and let them simmer on low while I'm cooking everything else. I also chop up the stewed tomatoes into smaller pieces. Also, poor out some of the juice in the kidney bean and refried bean cans to make the chili less runny.

I then cook the hamburger in a separate pan adding a little chili powder. Once it is cooked I add it to the pot of chili simmering. 

I then dice up half of an onion and a small red pepper. I then grill them with olive oil in the same pan as I cooked the meat in; adding, chili powder, pepper, and garlic salt. After grilling it for a few minutes I add that to the entire pot. Add more chili powder and garlic salt to taste. I then add a lot of tabasco for a little kick. 

Lastly let it simmer for a little longer to allow it to thicken up a little. 

This amount allows for about 4-5 bowls. It is perfect for the two of us to have leftovers. I double the recipe or just add a few extra cans of beans if others are joining us.

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